How can NMN be better absorbed by eating? Middle aged people can start to supplement NMN
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NMN scientists said: many natural foods contain NMN, but because the content is too low, it is difficult to rely on natural foods to supplement a sufficient amount of NMN. If you want to consume 100mg NMN, you need to eat about 8.9kg broccoli /11kg cabbage /23.8kg beef /45kg shrimp, so NMN is a very safe NMN label for human body. NMN generation processing can be safely used by everyone. Who is more suitable for NMN

applicable population of NMN

1. The elderly, used to assist in improving various senile diseases

2. Middle aged people, eliminate or alleviate various sub-health problems, such as chronic fatigue and poor sleep

3. Those who stay up late will accelerate the recovery of the body

4. Candidates should improve their pressure resistance and keep clear headed

5. Those with higher radiation dose, such as radiologists, nurses and aircrew

6. Bodybuilders can accelerate muscle growth

7. Athletes, improve energy level and reaction speed

8. Drinkers can improve the ability of relieving alcohol, protect the liver and repair the genes damaged by acetaldehyde toxicity

9. For depression, increase dopamine level, improve mood and increase blood supply to the brain

10. Middle aged and elderly women can improve skin health and delay skin aging

in fact, people entering middle age can start to supplement NMN. Since middle age begins, nad+ in the human body begins to lose NMN OEM with age, and the loss of nad+ is the main cause of aging and disease. It is an advanced anti-aging measure in the scientific field to supplement nad+ lost in the body by supplementing NMN

mcvisn has its own factory in the United States, has high-end equipment technology, and uses the global biological enzyme technology to produce NMN products, which can retain biological active ingredients to a large extent. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, suitable for industrial production (fully ensuring the needs of market development and providing sufficient guarantee for market demand), and good safety (green, environmental protection and pollution-free)

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