Often stay up late and play with mobile phones? Be careful of this "beauty killer". The US anti-aging import NMN will help you
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speaking of aging, the most obvious thing is not wrinkles or spots, but bags under the eyes! Because as soon as the pouch appears, the handsome Yanzu Wu will also become a frustrated Su Daqiang, who always feels exhausted. Some good netizens even gave sudajiang to PS seriously and found that sudajiang was 20 years younger without pouch. Therefore, pouch is really a beauty killer. Most of the time, when we open the computer web page, many small advertisements pop up, claiming to "go to the pouch for a few minutes every day". So what is the way to avoid the appearance of "pouch"? Does daily eye massage and health care have any effect
often stay up late and play with mobile phones? Be careful about this "beauty killer". NMN imported from the United States to fight against aging will help you
bad living habits will lead to aggravation of eye bags
the production of eye bags is similar to that of wrinkles. They are all normal manifestations of human aging, and their appearance is generally positively related to age. Yangshasha, an ophthalmologist from Guangzhou first people's Hospital, said that with the growth of age, the metabolism of eye skin will slow down. Once the skin ages to a certain extent, eye bags will appear
it can be said that the pouch is closely related to the deterioration of skin muscle elasticity. Yangsasha said that when you are young, your skin is tight, but when you enter middle age, your skin begins to relax, and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most prone to wrinkles. If you often watch the computer and play with your mobile phone, you are overworked and lack of sleep, the poor blood circulation around your eyes will aggravate the skin and muscle relaxation around your eyes, and the fat in your eyes will break through the orbital septum and bulge
therefore, some people have bags under their eyes at the age of 30, which is also closely related to their long-term lack of rest, sleep and use of electronic products. Poor spleen and stomach function and large pouch
how to prevent pouch? It is often said that "the eye bags of spleen deficiency are large, and the eye bags of kidney deficiency are black". Tangliang, deputy director of the traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Nansha Hospital of Guangzhou first people's Hospital, said that traditional Chinese medicine also believes that the formation of eye bags is directly related to the spleen and stomach function of the human body. Therefore, if there are eye bags, you should pay attention to conditioning in your daily life
1. Regular work and rest: ensure enough sleep time, light diet and exercise
2. Hot compress: use Atractylodes macrocephala boiling water to apply it to the eyelids. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Atractylodes macrocephala has the effects of diuresis, protecting the liver and gall, antioxidation, improving immunity, anti coagulation, vascular dilation and so on
3. Massage health care: eye exercises can promote blood circulation. Massaging Fenglong, Zusanli, Shenshu, Feishu, Taiyang, Guanyuan and other acupoints has the effect of strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidney and removing dampness, which is helpful to eliminate eye bags
4. Don't use your eyes too much, don't stay up late, and keep enough sleep
5. Diet and recuperation: give priority to invigorating the spleen and removing dampness. Choose japonica rice, potatoes, Gorgon fruit, white lentils, lotus seed meat, yam, tuckahoe and other foods. You can also choose Shenling Baizhu powder, Fuzi Lizhong pill and other drugs according to your physical conditions
tightening the orbital muscle is the key to removing the pouch
in addition to diet, surgery is also a method to remove the pouch. Generally speaking, mild pouch laxity can be repaired by removing prominent pouch fat through surgery and removing excess skin. However, severe pouch laxity is not so simple. Blindly removing too much fat will not only not repair the pouch, but also deepen the lacrimal groove, making it even worse
experts say that to remove eye bags, it is more important to tighten the loose muscles, which is the key to improving eye bags! Because there is fat in the eye bags, these fats originally protect the eyes, but due to aging, the muscles around the eyes slowly become relaxed. Under the effect of gravity, the fat breaks through these orbicularis oculi muscles, and the eye bags appear. Therefore, surgery must solve the problem of muscle relaxation, not just remove the protruding fat

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