Many studies have shown that NMN has the effect of delaying aging
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The main component of NMN is actually NMN, which is characterized by high purity, high conversion and easy absorption. It is a bottle of 30000mg NMN anti-aging factor. We are all surprised that such a small capsule is equivalent to the NMN content in 40 to 260 kilograms of beef. The purity of mcvisnnmn was close to 99.9%. Professor David Sinclair, Professor of Harvard University and director of anti-aging research center, published a paper in cells, which first confirmed that NMN can delay the anti-aging process. In the experiment, after NMN was introduced into the aged mice, the life span of the aged mice increased by 30% to 50%. Later, it was proved that the same effect can be achieved in the human body

recently, a new study showed that nicotinamide mononuclear glycine (NMN) can restore mitochondrial function and ultimately promote neurovascular regeneration in aging mice, thus achieving the effect of inhibiting aging. After oral administration, DNN can rapidly enter the blood within about 10 minutes and then be distributed in all organs and tissues throughout the body. It can be metabolized into NAD + within 30 minutes, repair damaged DNA and enter the process of delaying aging

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