What is the value of NMN? Efficacy of NMN for different groups
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Three major effects of NMN products: as a nutritional supplement, NMN can help the human body complete the self-repair of DNA in cells and improve the energy supply of the body, so as to improve the physical function and delay aging

1. For the sub-health population, it can improve energy, physical strength, fat reduction and muscle increase, exercise capacity, creeping improvement, hair loss reduction, hair hyperplasia, sleep improvement, biological clock regulation and other effects

2. For some patients with diseases, it can reduce hyperglycemia, reduce systolic blood pressure of hypertension, restore normal hypotension, and improve constipation

3. For men, it can enhance kidney function, restore kidney function, and enhance human spirit

In fact, many people are still skeptical about the role and efficacy of NMN, mainly because most people do not understand the value and principle of NMN

To understand NMN, we need to know another name NAD +, which is an indispensable coenzyme component of hundreds of enzyme proteins in the human body and dominates hundreds of life activities in the human body. NMN( β- Nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a direct precursor of coenzyme I and an important intermediate of human metabolism. As early as many years ago, eight Nobel Prize winners supported the theory of NAD + needle against aging

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