American NMN manufacturers have summarized the following groups that need to use NMN:
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Immortality has been the ultimate dream of mankind since ancient times. However, even in the modern society with highly developed science, technology and medical means, it is still unrealistic to achieve this goal. On the contrary, "healthy aging" is more practical. According to Professor David Sinclair, the discoverer of the anti-aging effect of NMN, the results of physiological detection for the whole decade of inverse growth, NMN is a way to achieve a higher quality of life like "centenarians"! As mentioned above, NMN mainly achieves the purpose of DNA repair by restoring NAD +. After entering middle age, the amount of coenzyme I (NAD +) in the human body decreases sharply, only a few times that of young people, thus triggering various aging symptoms in the body, such as memory decline, cardiovascular function weakening, low immunity, poor sleep quality, energy decline, constipation, hair loss and loss of appetite. So what groups are NMN suitable for? Us NMN manufacturers have summarized the following groups that need to use NMN:

1. For people who need to work shifts, the work at night hinders the body from repairing DNA.

2. Aviation employees / frequent flyers repair DNA damaged by high-altitude strong ultraviolet rays.

3. NMN of drinkers accelerates alcohol metabolism, improves alcohol tolerance and eliminates hangover.

4. Sports enthusiasts and NMN improve basic metabolism, consume fat and promote muscle growth.

5. There are a series of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

6. Middle aged and old women, keep skin healthy and improve skin luster.

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