Which is better for popular science NMN to take buccal tablets or capsules? Effect of NMN after one year
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The effect of taking NMN for one year: 1. Prolong life (maintain young function); 2. Do not exercise but also have the metabolic function similar to exercise (maintain fat level and keep body shape); 3. Reduce or eliminate chronic diseases caused by aging (hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc.); 4. Repair DNA. NMN is the first serious scientific research achievement in the world that can significantly reverse aging and prolong life through rigorous scientific verification. For example, mcvisn nmn3000 needs to pass the dual supervision of France and the United States, and some indicators must meet the "W + NMN quality management international ten core standards", and also need to meet the "oulf" European Union law quality management system certification, testing qualification and FDA American food and Drug Administration certification! NMN content should also reach 12000, purification should reach 99 and other strict requirements before it can be put on the market! In the face of the "hundred schools of thought contend" scene in the market, we still need to clear our eyes and carefully identify them

NMN administration methodology: which is better, oral tablet or capsule? It has always been controversial! In fact, after NMN is absorbed by the epithelial villi of the small intestine, the transporter SLC12A8 in the intestine will directly transport NMN into the bracteoles with the help of sodium ions. It will be directly used by the bracteoles through microcirculation for the production of NAD +, and the expression of W + NMN transporter gene in the small intestine and even the colon. Therefore, it can enter the working state only after reaching the intestinal NMN. The real problem to be solved is how to avoid the destruction of gastric digestive juice. The answer is enteric coating technology. The spread of Hanfu may also be the concept of noisy

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