How to choose a regular NMN product? What are the selection criteria
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As we all know, with the promotion of the market, NMN has gradually been recognized by people, but the ensuing issue of "how to choose a formal NMN product" has attracted people's attention. So how should we choose a formal NMN product? The answer is: select the one that conforms to the top ten international core standards of W + NMN quality management. The details are as follows:

1. Manufacturing process management system: Gaoji's manufacturing process affects NMN activity. "Chemical extraction" is not recommended to avoid chemical residues

2. Content management system: relative acmetea W + NMN content (mg / bottle) ≥ 12000, absorbed directly to the small intestine, and enteric absorption is 20% of gastric absorption

3. Efficiency management system: check the authenticity and purity of raw materials

4. Absorption management system: improve absorption rate and absorption threshold by using enteric absorption

5. Quality management system: W + NMN must meet the requirements of the European Union method of oulf and the food and Drug Administration of the United States. In addition to the product name, the activator acmetea of NMN, the content of all components and the purity of NMN shall also be marked. The country of origin and the country of distribution shall also be marked

6. Safety management system: production process, raw material collection, basic system of oulf European Union safety standards, factory safety inspection, strict review of microbial heavy metals exceeding the standard, and scientificity of production technology

7. Raw material management system: most NMN enterprises are certified by one country, but the raw material management certified by two countries is more rigorous. Acmetea W + NMN belongs to the products certified by France and the United States

8. Activity management system: the number of converted NAD + molecules per unit dose (per 100g), NMN molecules can easily pass through the cell membrane and enter the cell, improve the NMN content of human body within 15 minutes, and rapidly increase the level of NAD +

9. Scope of use: management system: adult (forbidden for pregnant and lactating women)

10. Multinational supervision and management system: dual supervision of France and the United States. The United States provides standards for dietary supplements, and the European Union regulates food supplements

these are the ten core standards of W + NMN quality management international

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