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Mcvison Engaged in the natural dietary nutritional supplement industry for more than ten years, it is worth   One of the trusted brands of dietary supplements. It has an independent production base, leading-edge production equipment and specialized   Industrial product R &D center. At the same time, relying on mature formulation technology, all-round process technology and core   Production technology, mcvison ( Mcvisn) It has successfully promoted the traditional transformation and enabled the development of the industry

McvisnNMN18000NMN18000 (the content of each grain is multiplied by the grain The sum of numbers is equal to 18000mg) The main components of anti aging black technology are NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide, a vitamin like substance, can be naturally synthesized in the body. However, with the increase of age, NMN Production will also decrease

In human body, NMN Yes NAD+ The function of the precursor is through NAD+ Embodiment NAD+ The level of 20 Annual meeting decrease 50%。 Almost 40 At the age of NAD+ The content is only children's 25%

With NAD+ The ability of cells to produce energy is weakened, and the human body begins to suffer from physical decline, memory decline, mental decline, pigment deepening, hair loss and other symptoms, which are traditionally called "aging"

By oral administration McvisnNMN18000 Anti aging black technology can improve NAD+ Content, restore various biological activities of the body, keep the human body young and healthy, prevent and alleviate various symptoms caused by aging

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